Private Training / Audition Coaching

In addition to our group acting programmes we have been privately coaching actors, for several years, to help them prepare for various audition opportunities.

So many times, we hear of actors who arrive at auditions ill-prepared and under skilled. Talent and looks can get you only so far; the dedicated actor needs to be show up, be prepared, present and ready to work.

We teach actors what they need to know before, during and after an audition. We use our combined 40+ years knowledge and audition room experience to help prepare you and build your confidence, all of which will put you in a better position to get that part.

With kids and adults new to the acting world we aim to teach you what to expect in an audition, build audition repertoire and ensure you understand the different terminology used for stage and on-camera auditions. With professionals, we tailor each session to suit your individual needs and experience, from running lines to breaking down the character to find its inner life.

In addition to private coaching in person, we can also offer private coaching via Skype should you have the tech infrastructure available!

Book your 1 x 50 minute assessment class below – during this class we will discuss your objectives, assess your current skills, then structure your training programme.

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