From a young age I’ve always had a problem with articulation and speaking in public and as time went on I started to withdraw from social setting and kept to myself.  To my surprise After our very first classes friends and family noticed a considerable difference in my articulation and projection. Nicole was always professional and had carefully crafted lessons to empower me with actionable tools and exercise for my permanent results. I would highly recommend Nicole to anyone who is considering the course as she improved my confidence and help me get my voice back.” 
Peter Halford - Public Speaking

Public Speaking

The Durban Actors Studio Public Speaking Programme is for any adult or child who wants support, guidance and encouragement in the field of Public Speaking.  

Our 8 week Public Speaking Programme equips you with the skills needed to speak confidently in any situation, be it in the boardroom, classroom, or seminar/conference room; we will help you develop the skills needed to research, structure and continuously deliver engaging speeches. Training given is one-on-one to ensure we meet your exact requirements. 


  • Develop correct breathing for speech
  • Develop vocal projection and clarity of speech
  • Identify body language to engage your audience
  • Structure a speech that establishes ethos (credibility)
  • Develop the delivery of a speech using these vocal and physical tools


  • The programme runs over 8 consecutive weeks, 
  • Each class is 50 minutes in duration
  • Classes can take place Monday through Friday, 9 am to 7 pm (suitable day/time to be selected by student)
  • Fee R3600

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