Singing / Vocal Performance Training

We at Durban Actors Studio believe every student has a different voice and different level of capabilities; we want each student to reach their full vocal potential via this programme. Classes are fun and informative, we create a space where the singer can feel comfortable making and learning from their mistakes whilst at every stage the teacher imparts the necessary skills needed to grow term on term.

We believe the art of singing is not only practical but also psychological; therefore, to find a sense of confidence within the voice, the student is encouraged to ask questions and explore their voice – this class is not about singing to a backing track – it is a programme that encourages independent vocal knowledge.

The structure of the class includes vocal technique (pitch, scales, ear training, resonance) as well as a repertoire study. Students not only sing the song but understand how the song can be sung better or how the song can be shaped to suit their individual voice and style. The programme includes in-house informal assessment so you can track your progress towards Durban Actors Studio standards.

We want to make you realize your own vocal potential and not simply copy the style of famous singers. So if you want to learn how to sing, learn techniques to improve your vocal quality and train in an honest,  constructive and supportive performance environment this is the program for you!


  • R 2,700 per term (9 classes/term)


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