Testimonials received from parents, industry professionals and students: –

“The 8 session (Public Speaking) Programme was well stuctured, enabling enough time to learn new techniques and eliminate poor, long standing, vocal and body language habits. The lessons have not only helped me with speaking in public , but in one on one communication.”
“I saw the Public Speaking course, offered by Durban Actors Studio, online and was interested, so I sugned up. The 8 lessons were interesting. The best part was working with the Durban Actors Studio teacher, Nicole. During the course I learned how to become more aware of myself and what I am saying. Everything I learnt will help me, continually, in all aspects of my life. Thank you Durban Actors Studio”
Kerusha Chetty
“Everyone at DAS has exceptional talent and the manner in which the young people are supported, taught, guided and mentored is excellent. Thank you!”
Belinda Leven
“I am very grateful for Durban Actors Studio. I am way better then I was when I first started with you. I am able to speak in public without tensing up and understand how correct breathing will develop my singing skills. Keep up the good work!”
Zanie Namugenyi (Zanie Brown)
“Well done to all at DAS for such incredible leadership, inspiration and guidance to our young stars. And to the shining young ones…WOW! Well done all. You are truly amazing. Shine on!”
Belinda Leven
“The TV Presenting Course is very informative. The one on one interaction helps you feel comfortable to express yourself and ask questions at any time. The place has a great energy. It was a fantastic use of my time and money that is for sure!”
Fanele Ntuli
“Thank you both for helping me with regards to being a better public speaker.  I have found the exercise and practises that we did very helpful.  After vocal training my colleagues have commented on me being louder and more audible. I will definitely recommend your course to colleagues.”
Mano Moodley
“Vibrant and friendly facilitators, thank you for a great amount of fun .”
Joanna Bromley-Gans
I wish I could have started a course with Durban Actors Studio sooner! The TV Presenting Crash Course was fun, informative and the instructors didn’t hold back with critique! I would love to get more involved with classes at Durban Actors Studio.”
Katrina Busa
I thoroughly enjoyed myself on the TV Presenting Crash Course. Everyone was welcoming, booking was easy, payment was easy and the pre workshop communication very informative.”
Claire Wagner
I really enjoyed the TV Presenting Crash Course. I felt like I have learnt a lot in the past two days and would love to do more!”
Bright Kunene
Thank you all for the wonderful work you do with all our kids. This programme is really a wonderful experience for Connor and I love how he thrives in this world amongst such lovely lively people. Well done!”
Belinda Leven
I am very happy with Madison progress (in the vocal performance class). I can hear a distinct difference from when she started.  When she sings for me she sounds more ‘full-bodied’ and controls her voice beautifully.  I have every confidence that the more she works with you the more comfortable she’ll become. 
Kim Day
I want to thank Durban Actors Studio for the way you have embraced Kira, while she been attending your classes.  The professional and creative yet compassionate way you run your classes is unparalleled.Kids come to you with hopes and dreams and you give them a platform to either pursue a career in the performing arts or get more confidence, whilst gaining a life skill. You have pick up on kira’s passion for writing and directing and given her a chance to develop that passion.” 
Nina Taylor
As someone who has dreams of opening his own production studio, I learned so much. I developed a better understanding of character building. The people at Durban Actors Studio are so amazing. I would totally recommend Durban Actors Studio as you learn so much for a lot less, when compared to “other” theatre training schools in Durban – its a place out of the ordinary!!!” 
Ajax - Foundation Acting I
 Thank you so much for an amazing year.  The gentle small changes you are making keep improving the experience with DAS.  DAS is becoming more and more ‘serious’ (in a really good way – I’d say professional but every experience has always been professional so that’s not quite right either).  You keep upping your game and it is exciting to be a part what is unfolding.  Well done to you and your team.  As parents, our investment in terms of money and time is yielding great returns and I feel we have invested in a solid, professional, excellent business. 
Kim Day
It was a fabulous experience, I really learned a lot and would now like to acquire more knowledge in terms of monologues and solo performance. Well done Durban Actors Studio, you are awesome!” 
Sne Mkhize - Foundation Acting I
I enjoyed the warm up exercises and learning about the importance of breathing. Its a relaxed vibe and thoroughly enjoyable. Total value for money.” 
Zayn Naidoo - Foundation Acting I
The intimacy of the Foundation Acting class makes it comfortable and interactive. The trainer has the opportunity to invest in individuals.” 
Yolanda Mabanga - Foundation Acting I
I really enjoyed the challenge of steppingout of my comfort zone and developed a better understanding of how vocal tone and movement can affect a performance.” 
Steph McLennan - Foundation Acting I
 From a young age I’ve always had a problem with articulation and speaking in public and as time went on I started to withdraw from social setting and kept to myself.  To my surprise After our very first classes friends and family noticed a considerable difference in my articulation and projection. Durban Actors Studio teachers were always professional and carefully crafted lessons to empower me with actionable tools and exercise for my permanent results. I would highly recommend Durban Actors Studio to anyone who is considering the course as they improved my confidence and helped me get my voice back.” 
Peter Halford - Public Speaking
Some time ago, I listened to an acclaimed jazz musician, who taught the lesson that “there is freedom in the groove”. In his masterclass on writing for theatre”, Clinton Marius gifted me with a similar lesson, by providing our group with excellent advice on how to structure our stories in script format, and how to begin our script writing adventures on the best footing, encouraging us that once we have the canvas stretched correctly, we will have far greater creative freedom, in the artistry of our written palette. It was a privilege to attend Clinton Marius’ class – he was extremely generous in sharing his knowledge (clearly extensive and honed) and it was an inspiration to be taught by such a gifted artist. Our maestro was faced with a mixed bunch in our small group – from young to not so, but we all left feeling like we had something to offer, creatively. Thank you very much Clinton Marius and Durban Actors Studio. Yet another affordable and excellent masterclass!” 
Nicky Kidgell - Masterclass
AMAZING masterclass held by Jacobus van Heerden over the past 2 weekends at the Durban Actors Studio, I left with a lot of helpful tips that are guaranteed to aid me in my acting career.” 
Siyabonga Ngxambuza - Masterclass
I recently attended the Masterclass workshop at Durban Actors Studio lead by Jacobus Van Heerden. It was very helpful and provided much needed hints and tips. Cobus is a true inspiration! Thank you Cobus and Durban Actors Studio.” 
Talia Guo - Masterclass
Thank you for organizing courses, clubs and activities that will not only impact individual lives but could have far reaching implications for our communities and our country into the future. I determined last year that I would have one to two ‘adventures’ a year.  The Writing for Theatre Masterclass was my first ‘adventure’ of 2017.  It was engaging and stimulating.  I was so encouraged by the process and by what I managed to produce.” 
Caroline Gallus - Masterclass
Thank you for a really super, fun and informative evening. A lively atmosphere throughout. I very much enjoyed the vibe, the people and of the course the play reading.  So looking forward to the next one. I wish you and your studio everything of the best.  Long may you continue like this.” 
Glenda Slade - Playclub
It’s been an exceptional show with the energy and enthusiasm never waning once these last 5 nights and only higher tonight. Three cheers and congrats to DAS for pulling and holding it all together throughout #WELL DONE” 
Nishi Singh-Dolphins by Starlight Production
Well done DAS performers for a spectacular show tonight. I’m blown away.” 
Kim Day-Dolphins by Starlight Production
Within the space of a year and taking all the short courses that I could as an adult beginner student at DAS the staff has managed to drill in me acting and theatre jargon and techniques that have helped me become a confident performer who can command attention on stage all while enjoying every moment in the fun and safe space classes. The career advice and direction to take I have received from the knowledgeable and friendly staff based on my dreams, potential and talents I will forever be grateful for. Through DAS I have made great friends, gained career counselors, have gotten the chance to sharpen my skills in front of paying audiences,auditioned for jobs under the staff’s guidance and have obtained a distinction pass in my first LAMDA exam. You want to be a better performer DAS is the place to be at to achieve that goal. Set up an appointment or join one of their great classes/workshops, you will not regret it. Trust me” 
Kwenza Ntsele - Adult Acting
I was impressed with the way you managed to link all the different groups that had been practising in different places, with only 1 rehearsal together. That is a tribute to your guys training as well as your own drive and creativity. Secondly I wanted to thank you for the joy you have given my daughter. She absolutely LOVES performing, she loves being involved in anything you have to offer, she feels its the one place she can be herself and fit in! 
Diana Brissett
Wow, what an excellent performance we enjoyed on Friday 09 September by DAS students!!! They stood out head and shoulders for professional, excellent presentation and performance and I felt very proud that Kiara is affiliated with an academy of this caliber. The months of weekends rehearsing was certainly well worth it and I,m sure the students feel the same way, having executed so well. Thank you for setting the bar so high and drawing out and developing the talent in the students.
Nishi Singh
I want to commend you on the outstanding performance. I was blown away by the professionalism of the kids. For these young kids to do what they did can only come from the passion poured through to them from Durban Actors Studio. Kai so enjoyed her experience and has even been correcting the pupils at school on their pronunciation when ready their Shakespeare setworks.
Michelle Coates
I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE FOR MY CHILD. She LOVED LOVED LOVED being a part of the whole production from the first rehearsal to the actual day. I am ecstatic. We thought the actual play was outstanding and congratulate you all on being so professional and completely awesome.
Megan Nicolson
Thank you for the commitment you show our children and more importantly, the opportunity, support and encouragement you give them, which allows them to believe all things are possible!.
Lisa Butler
AWESOME PERFORMANCE – thank  you, Nikkita  has learnt so much during the process and has already advised me she wants to do it again.
Denise Menon
Firstly, I would like to say a huge thank you for a fun-tastic Summer Camp. I have never shared with you just how introverted Emilie was as a young child. The Durban Actors Studio team have been very instrumental in her personal growth. For that I thank you. You have contributed to her being the fierce, determined, hardworking and strong young woman she is today. In the words of Julie Andrews, ‘Sound of Music’, “Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever will”. You treat all your students like adults and offer them the utmost respect which you expect in return.
Caroline Gallus
A HUGE well done to you! All the co-ordination & planning must have been a logistical nightmare and a BIG thank you to you and your team for preparing the kids so amazingly! You’re all rock stars!!!
Emma Dunk
Thank you for preparing Cara for this huge challenge! I have seen her self-confidence improve on so many levels because of the exposure you have given through your Theatre School over these last 5 years. Not only have you been involved in her development as her Drama Teacher. You have played a vital part in helping Cara overcome the challenges she faced on a personal level and made her see her potential through the eyes of a professional. We salute you!
Katinka Kruger
A huge thanks to you as well for your tireless efforts in ensuring the students were well prepared to put their best foot forward:)And also for the constant reminders and notes etc. so we parents’ remain on queue with the student’s commitments.
Nishi Singh
Another awesome production, and having 2 casts must have had some challenging moments. It was great to see some familiar faces and to see how they have grown in their performances. The unfortunate lighting hitch on Saturday, proved how disciplined your students are. We could hear several comments in the audience about how it was going to “throw the cast”, but they kept their composure and energy for the opening scene.
Cheryl Turner
No amount of words would ever be sufficient enough to THANK YOU both for your hard work, commitment, dedication, time, energy, passion, patience, and the list goes on. You have taken our kids and given them a platform to shine from.
Mala Paul
Thank you for the Best Camp my granddaughter Nandisa Shange went to last weekend. She said it was her best excursion ever and she enjoyed everything. Not even once missed home. The organising team, everybody who was part of that drama was excellent, they were like a family and it was very hard for them to part.
Mandu Dhlamini
Thanks so much for giving Kira an awesome experience. She had a ball. And not just singing, dancing and acting. But backstage stuff too. Amazing how well structured it was after only a week. She’s now resting with her feet up, but would do it all again in a heartbeat. Please send my thanks to all involved.
Nina Taylor
Phumezo was very emotional & didn’t want to leave the camo on Sunday after saying the goodbyes, the bond he has formed over the week with every single one in the group is unbelievable, the look on his face was priceless… He has now decided to stay in Dbn for his tertiary studies next year so that he can partake in any of the upcoming theatre camps going forward. He has kinda fallen in love with the theatre
Nonhle Dube
Durban is lucky to have a theatre school run by such a passionate teacher and internationally acclaimed playwright. Durban Actors Studio bring a high level of proficiency and dedication to their work, allowing their students to grow in confidence and skill. Durban Actors Studio works tirelessly to find opportunities for her students to do what every drama student loves to do – perform! On a more personal note, my daughter LOVES her classes and gets so much out of them.
Linda Algie
Thank you for the invitation to “Hope Springs” I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was pleasantly surprised with the performance of the students, they delivered their lines with conviction and were convincing as characters. The use of lighting techniques further engaged me and made me feel more for the characters. It was a great use of torches to enhance the narrative. Watching this performance was an eye opener for me as I had no idea that these types of places existed. A fascinating enlightening show with a great use of the set that was well designed. Thank you for the performance and congratulations to the cast and crew for a well put on show.
Franco Human
Well done, Durban Actors Studio and all your wonderful students, for the really good performances. How good it is to know there is an excellent Drama school in Durban.
Garth Anderson
Thank you for your hard work Durban Actors Studio, it was a privilege to see our daughter on stage. She was exhilarated after her performance and really enjoyed it. I hope this will encourage her to continue with drama as it has so many benefits.
We have always been impressed with your professionalism, efficiency and the quality of your students’ performances and hold your academy in high regard.
Janeen Shelley
Emilie has grown in confidence and is respected amongst her peers. I put this down to the fact that every child is respected for their talent and strengths whilst under your tuition and care. As a parent I have loved your academy as you keep material relevant yet age appropriate. I have enjoyed watching my child mature and you have helped me to allow her to begin to “move away from us”, slowly (ha, ha)
Caroline Gallus
“DAS training has really stood Juliette in good stead, especially with taking drama to matric. She has all the basic knowledge down pat and it is second nature when she is on stage. It has assisted her with confidence, eloquence and ability to think quickly on her feet. Her improv work has certainly been nurtured and developed by DAS which is great. Juliette comes home after drama on such a high – her passion for drama has been fanned by DAS’s work with her.”
Heather Jack
Cara has embraced her talent and loves the challenges she is faced with – she has participated as a solo in her school’s choir evening and I was blown away by the quality of her voice
Katinka Kruger