CAMELOT – KickstArt Productions

Star Director Steven Stead, Executive Director KickstArt Productions, took on the world-renowned Learner and Lowe musical, Camelot. A world so foreign and outdated modernised and welcomed by the intense yet light hearted ribbon binding the production together. This play intimately showcases and encapsulates the raw human qualities each character possesses.

The majority of the play is fighting against the barbaric behaviour associated with war and killing, what back in Camelot’s era was considered normal, and Steven Stead’s, King Arthur’s, down to earth and humble perspective of the crown. Uneasy about the traditions of war and with the support of his Queen Guinevere (Jess Sole) he sets right where he sees fault and creates what is known as ‘The Knights of The Round Table’.

All together the cast was strong. The two stand out performances go to King Arthur and the cunning Mordred. Steven’s take and understanding of this role was brilliantly executed. He portrayed everything King Arthur stood for. A highlight from his overall performance was the closing scene at the end of Act 1, the kings proposition. Leaving almost everyone astonished at the honest raw emotion and wanting more. Mordred’s character was portrayed by Nathan Kruger. This sly, cunning character was expertly cast. Nathan celebrated his character using movement that was carefully thought out, not only through acting but within the little nuances which showed his involvement in his character.

The theatre production was captivating not once did my eyes, nor mind, go astray. The set designers (Greg King) final product was detailed and well executed. Costumes designs (Terrence Bray) were of the highest calibre, truly fit for a king.

Camelot, a story of love, betrayal and immortality. This production directed by Steven Stead, held at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre truly fulfilled the story of Camelot. A Kickstart production, one not to miss.

Critique by Courtney Tait

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