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Shakespeare Playhouse Programme

“Wow, what an excellent performance by DAS students!!! They stood out head and shoulders for professional, excellent presentation and performance and I felt very proud that Kiara is affiliated with an academy of this calibre. The months of rehearsing was well worth it and I’m sure the students feel the same way, having executed so well. Thank you for setting the bar so high and drawing out and developing the talent in the students.”

Durban Actors Studio is a proud supporter of the national initiative, The SA Shakespeare for School Festival, having staged 7 hugely successful productions at the Natal Playhouse since 2015, seeing over 150 students performing on the professional stage.

We believe having students perform Shakespeare gives them a deeper understanding of the use of Shakespearean text; they learn the intrinsic meaning of words, the structure and reasoning for use of specific heightened language and the underlying character motivation. All of this allows them to use their own judgement to define the best method of performing the part given as well as broaden their general understanding of the language of Shakespeare, which assists all when studying Shakespeare in school as part of the English curriculum

The Shakespeare Production Programme is open to any young person – there are no auditions,  no entry requirements,  you don’t even have to attend our weekly classes to join the production! All we ask is that each cast member commits 100% to every rehearsal and, of course, each performance.

Places are given on a first come, first serve basis and we will teach you everything you need to know to perform with understanding and skill.

Registration for this programme is opened March each year. Complete the “Ask a Question” form below to join the waiting list.

Click below to ask a question or request a registration form.

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