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Show Choir



Show Choir is the perfect programme for people who want to share their talent, creativity and musicianship.

Our Show Choir class is an active, performance orientated group, for the beginner through to experienced singers, aged 15 to 25. Show Choir works towards various, productions and fundraisers, subject to performance readiness.

Students are given the opportunity to audition for solos, learn harmony and parts, and work as a team in making creative decisions about choreography. Classes also include a variety of activities to keep you moving, engaged, fit and energised.

Class Day/Time & Fees

Class Days/Times

  • Thursdays 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Classes take place during a school term. You will be notified of any performance date, where possible, 2-3 months in advance. All Show Choir performers MUST make themselves available to attend every performance scheduled due to the ensemble nature of this class – we assure you we will give fair warning so diaries can be planned.


  • R1300 per term

Fees can be paid per year, per semester or per term. Due to the production component, students can only leave at the end a semester so a minimum one semester / 2 term time and financial commitment is required.


We have 2 non-negotiable expectations, due to performance and ensemble aspect of this programme:-

  1. commitment to every class and performance
  2. commitment to learn lyrics and rehearse at home when required

New students will be expected to audition for the choirmaster.

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